Local Courts for Speeding Ticket Expungement

Aimee serves the Missouri community. For speeding ticket expungement, Aimee will represent your case in the local courts below.

Kansas City Municipal Court

Independence Municipal Court

Independence Missouri is the County Seat for Jackson County Missouri and the birthplace of Harry S. Truman.

Missouri State Highway Patrol

Gives out the largest number of tickets in the State of Missouri.

Overland Park Kansas Municipal Court

Be nice to the cops in Overland Park otherwise we might not be able to keep that ticket off your record.

Belton Missouri Municipal Court

Belton has evening court on Thursday Nights.

Archie Missouri Speeding Ticket Information

Benton County Missouri

Benton County will not do a Defective Equipment but they will amend your ticket to a no point speed.

Berkeley Municipal Court

Berkley Municipal Court – this St. Louis suburb will deal.

Blue Springs Municipal Court

Blue Springs is an efficient courthouse with court dates available on Saturday for working people.

Cass County Circuit Court

Cass County is one of the fastest growing counties in Missouri.

Chariton County Municipal Court

Chariton County is a Missouri Highway Patrol court meaning all tickets originating out of the Court were written by Missouri Highway Patrol.

Claycomo Municipal Court

Small but effective at ticketing speeders.

Clinton County Municipal Court

With highways all around, Clinton increases it’s numbers of traffic citations issued every year.

Excelsior Springs Municipal Court

Such a pretty town but has a couple of speed traps.

Garden City Missouri Municipal Court

Garden City – it’s all roses for speeding tickets in Garden City

Gerald Missouri Municipal Court

Gerald Missouri – small town, big time amendments

Gladstone Speeding Ticket

Gladstone Municipal Court is located at the City Hall and speeding ticket situations are easy for my clients

Harrisonville Missouri Municipal Court

Gorgeous Missouri Town – I can help you here.

Holt County Missouri

Holt County – as close to Nebraska as I care to go.

Lake Lotawana Municipal Court

You come for fun, you end up with a ticket. Lake Lotawana has multiple speed traps but the Prosecutor is fair.

Jackson County Circuit Court – Missouri Highway Patrol

Jackson County – this court is a nightmare without an attorney – hire me!

Oak Grove Municipal Court – Oak Grove Missouri

Oak Grove Municipal Court handles speeding tickets issued in Oak Grove Misouri.

Mission Kansas Municipal Court Speeding Ticket

This small town can give big speeding tickets.

Lake Tapawingo Municipal Court

Lake Tapawingo – First courthouse held in a clubhouse!

Jackson County Municipal Court

Jackson County Municipal Court – this is where Jackson County Sheriff tickets go to die

Lake Winnebago Speeding Ticket Information

Keep that Lake Winnebago Speeding Ticket Off Your Record with No Points and No Insurance Increases!

Lee’s Summit Municipal Court

Lee’s Summit is a burgeoning municipality, reflected by the number of judges/Prosecutors and court schedule.

Liberty Municipal Court

Liberty & Justice for all in the gorgeous Kansas City suburb.

Lone Jack Municipal Court

Lone Jack’s speed-trap on 50 Highway ensnares many a driver.

Hamilton Missouri Municipal Court

Morgan County Missouri – Missouri Highway Patrol

Morgan County – they love to hand out tickets to people on their way to the Lake

North Kansas City Municipal Court

North Kansas City is located in the City Hall and has court on Monday evenings.

Platte County: Traffic Court Information

Platte County will amend your speeding ticket to a Defective Equipment.

Nodaway County Missouri (Missouri Highway Patrol)

Nodaway County where college kid speeders meet high fines.

Peculiar Missouri Municipal Court

Peculiar is not strange to speeders as they have several speed traps set on 71 Highway.

Plattsburg Missouri Municipal Court

Plattsburg has night court on the first Thursday of each month.

Pleasant Valley Municipal Court

An easy Court to maneuver with a speeding ticket. The prices are moderate and you won’t have to appear.

Randolph Municipal Court

Ray County Court

Located in beautiful Richmond Missouri.

Raymore Missouri Speeding Ticket

Keep the Raymore Missouri speeding ticket off your record.

Smithville Municipal Court

The Smithville Court House, located in beautiful downtown Smithville, is an easy court to navigate and deal.

Texas County – Missouri Highway Patrol

Texas County – where the fines for fixing your ticket are Texas sized!

Riverside Municipal Court

Riverside – they will fix your ticket!

Tracy Missouri Municipal Court

Prosecutor will help out speeders.

Weston Municipal Court

Weston – beautiful town that loves visitors.

Gardner Kansas Municipal Court

Topeka Kansas Municipal Court

Prosecutor in Topeka will amend tickets to Defective Equipment and keep them off your record.

Tonganoxie Municipal Court

Toganoxie holds court on the third Wednesday of the month promptly at 1:00 p.m.