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Your driver's license is one of the most important documents you can possess. A valid driver license can open up new career paths as well as restore your quality of life. Let's talk about how licenses get reinstated in Missouri after suspension.

Usually there are 3 reasons why you have a license suspension that needs to be reinstated.

1. “Failure to Appear” suspension happens when you neglect to pay a traffic ticket or miss a court date to contest a ticket. Often times, a judge will suspend your license when this happens.

2. The second suspension is when your license is suspended due to DWIs which leaves you with a Five or Ten Year Denial.

3. Points Suspension - getting too many too many points on your record.

The Process of Getting Your Missouri Driving Privileges Reinstated After a Failure to Appear 

This process usually involves posting a bond, appearing in court, and obtaining compliance letters. Once you have compliance letters, you can fax or send those to the Department of Revenue, pay the reinstatement fee, and have your driving privileges reinstated.

Missouri Department of Revenue 





Typical Process:

  • Posting a Bond
  • Appearing in Court
  • Obtaining Suspension Compliance Letters

Be careful when paying the ticket. It will put points on your record. If you get too many points, your license will be suspended again.

Sometimes the reinstatement process also requires you to obtain SR-22 insurance. This insurance gives an added level of protection for high-risk drivers. Depending on the circumstances of your suspension, you might be required to have proof of this added protection before you get your license back. Most times, insurance companies report your SR22 status directly to the Missouri Department of Revenue.

To Get Started on the Process

This is how you start the process of getting your license reinstated when you have a suspension. Start by using the phone number below to get information about your suspension from the Department of Revenue. They will give you:

  • Ticket Numbers
  • Courts
  • Phone Numbers for You to Call About Your Suspension 

Missouri Department of Revenue Privileges Contact Information

The state of Missouri has a process to help people with a suspension reinstate licenses . They have a document about reinstating driving privileges that shows exactly what forms to file to reverse your suspended driver’s license.  Still, the license reinstatement process could be complicated and hard to understand. Most times, you have to complete and file the necessary paperwork, pay a reinstatement fee, get warrants withdrawn, and appear in court.

Sometimes a suspension case is more nuanced. You have to get warrants withdrawn and pay the tickets or additional points will re-suspend your license.

Overcoming Missouri Five and Ten Year License Denials After a DWI:

In the state of Missouri, five and ten-year driving denials are issued against drivers with multiple  DWI convictions on their record. In order to reinstate your license after a denial, you will need to file a civil lawsuit against the Missouri Department of Revenue.

Let’s take a close look at the complicated process of regaining your driving privilege after DUI convictions suspended your driving privilege.

Five-year license denials are a suspension issued if a driver gets a second DWI during the five years after their previous DWI. Any additional incidences of driving while intoxicated will lead to a ten-year denial. During these denials, your license is suspended, your privileges are revoked and the state of Missouri will refuse to issue you anything other than a limited license.

Five and Ten Year Denial Driving Suspensions after DUI and DWI:

  • Five-year denials: driving privilege suspended after a driver gets 2 DWI's during a five year period
  • Ten-year denials: driving privilege suspended if any additional incidences of driving while intoxicated occur

In order to regain your driving privilege after this suspension, you’ll have to make an in person court appearance to provide proof you are no longer a danger on the road. Before you make your courtroom appearance, you’ll need to complete a few steps.

1. The first thing you must do is ensure that you have no new drug or alcohol charges during the period of the denial. This includes federal charges. It is also vital to obey the terms of any limited driving privilege you have been granted including the use of an IID.

2. You also need to complete a SATOP (Substance Awareness Traffic Offender Program)  for the drug or alcohol issues that caused the loss of your driving privileges.

3. Additionally, you need to make sure that you have no further driving crimes on your record during the suspension. This includes everything from accidents to charges like driving without insurance. Even a moving violation can hold you back. If you are convicted of related charges during the period of your denial, the period starts over and you have to wait even longer to restore your driving privilege.

4. The last thing you need to do is obtain a criminal background check from the Missouri Highway Patrol. Once all of this is complete, you’ll be ready to fight your suspension in court.

5. You then will file a lawsuit in the county court which you now live.  You will pay the filing fees and appear in a court of law. The Judge will hold a suspension hearing in which you will testify about your alcohol consumption and any other convictions or traffic violations you received during your license suspension. The Judge may order you to install an Ignition Interlock Device as terms of reinstatement of your driving privileges. She can also order you to do more drug and alcohol classes.

Having a seasoned Missouri defense lawyer by your side who understands the law and your suspension is the best way to restore your driving privilege.

Driving While Suspended Roadmap Session

 I offer a 30 minute strategy session where I walk you through what you need to do to become a licensed driver. Sometimes it involves going to court, paying fines or reinstatement fees, or obtaining high-risk insurance (SR-22). Although it can be complicated, I have experience dealing with suspensions due to DWI and DUI or Failure to Appear Suspensions. 

After the end of our session, you will have a complete suspension strategy roadmap of the steps needed to be a licensed driver again.

Woman Getting License Reinstated

Can't I Get My Driving License Suspension Lifted by Myself?

You certainly can get driving privileges back yourself.

The phone number and website of the Missouri Department of Revenue above is a great start. They will also give you a roadmap of what you need to do for reinstatement for driving. It will be up to you to contact the courts and obtain the suspension compliance letters. 

Especially in more complicated suspension cases, getting your license reinstated after suspension on your own can be a challenging task. Having the time to call the needed offices, file the paperwork, and navigate this system is a significant hurdle for many of our clients. Many of our clients find the path to reinstatement involves lots of unfamiliar paperwork, language, laws and contact with courts. The bureaucracy is overwhelming. 

My legal services give you the expertise you need to put your suspended license behind you quickly and efficiently.

Don't get held back by the complicated process of having your license reinstated after a suspension. Get in touch with Aimee the Attorney, and start your license reinstatement suspension roadmap session today!

You should be aware that the Judge does not always grant these requests.  You must be prepared for the hearing.