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The dreaded speeding ticket. It happens to everybody here in Kansas City at some point. The first thing you feel is shock and disappointment. Then you have to do something about it. 

Your first question may be "Do I need a traffic lawyer for a speeding ticket?" Keep reading, I'm going to show you how traffic tickets work and why hiring a traffic lawyer for a speeding ticket is a good idea.

I will help you take care of your ticket right away and get you back on the road again without any worry. I am an experienced, dedicated traffic lawyer and native Kansas Citian. I work exclusively with speeding tickets and moving violations in every area of Kansas City.

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Why Do I Need a Lawyer for a Traffic Ticket? 

Let's look at what happens if you go to Kansas City traffic court (Kansas City Municipal Court) or pay your traffic ticket through their online portal. You'll see why a traffic lawyer helps.

Paying Off a Traffic Ticket Stays on Your Record

Kansas City traffic court has made it super easy to just pay your Kansas City traffic ticket online. You can simply go online and pay a speeding ticket or a stop sign ticket and be done but but the effects of the ticket stays with you for the next three years! 

Sometimes (accident tickets, careless and imprudent, etc ... ) you have to make a court appearance where you can plead guilty and pay a fine. You are done with the court appearance but also, the effects of the ticket stay with you for the next three years.

A Traffic Lawyer Will Keep Speeding Ticket Points Off Your Record

If you pay a speeding ticket or a simple traffic ticket (stop sign, red light with no accident), you get two points on your Missouri driving record. Points will be recorded and reported to all jurisdictions, not just Missouri. So a Kansas resident who pays a speeding ticket at Kansas City Missouri Municipal Court, will receive an infraction on their record.

Points and infractions matter in three  ways – one is points are a way your insurance can go up. Second, it can affect your employment (either currently or future) and lastly, your privilege to drive is in danger with too many points.

The Missouri Points System is used to determine suspension and revocation of driver license privileges. Eight points on your record in a span of eighteen months will cause a suspension of your driving record. Twelve points in twelve months will also cause a revocation. Everything you need to know about the Missouri Points System is here.

A Traffic Lawyer Will Keep Your Insurance Rates From Going Up 

This is the biggie if you have good driving record. You may have gotten a simple speeding ticket or traffic violation. Some people don't think they need a traffic lawyer. They think, "I haven't had a ticket for 15 years” or “this is my first speeding ticket”. They presume they should just pay the ticket and move on and the speeding ticket will have no effect on them. This is not true. Your driving insurance will be affected! 

Car insurance is determined by a number of factors: age, number of drivers, type and age of car; how fast it can go; where you live but most importantly, car insurance rates are determined by your driving history (both points and accidents or claims).

Even Good Drivers Can See Insurance Increases

Any "Safe Driver bonus" you have now on your insurance will go away if you simply pay your speeding ticket.

This is why good drivers need a traffic lawyer. I can help you take care of the ticket so your record stays clean and you don't have a nasty insurance increase!

It is likely that if you have not had an accident or speeding ticket in the past five years, you are driving on a Safe Driver bonus or policy. When you just pay a speeding ticket, that bonus is going to vanish. If your teen gets a speeding ticket, rates will go even higher.

And you may think, “Well, It's just one ticket, why should I hire a traffic lawyer?” And I get that. But what if you pay the ticket and then a week later you get another ticket or in an accident (even if it isn't your fault)? That's a situation where you can't keep the ticket off your record. Then you are looking at four points on your record and that's halfway to a points suspension! But the biggie is the monumental increase in your insurance rates. You always want to have a traffic lawyer keep your record clean and insurance rates low. I'll explain more below.  

Take a look at this Kansas City traffic ticket calculator from insurance.com. You will see for yourself why a clean record and a traffic lawyer are important.

You Don’t Want a Speeding Ticket to Hurt Your Employment Chances

Many of us are in our car daily for work. For me, it's driving to Court. For you, it maybe a meeting with a client or deliveries. Employers who have company cars or trucks want their drivers to have a clean record otherwise their insurance rates and legal liability will skyrocket. When you are applying for a new job (especially if driving is involved), employers are likely to pull your driving record and it could make or break your chance at that job.

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Aimee Gromowsky

Kansas City Traffic Lawyer

"You always want to keep speeding tickets off your record."

Now for a Free Review of Your Situation

How My Professional 
Traffic Ticket Attorney Services Can Help 

Speeding tickets can be a hassle and expensive but they also can come back to bite you down the road.


A traffic lawyer will help reduce ticket penalties by negotiating with the Prosecutor to have the ticket amended to a non-moving violation that will not be on your record.You then avoid the costly points that go with a speeding ticket. 


Every situation is different. A traffic lawyer helps you navigate through yours so you can keep a clean record. That means saving you time and money by helping you understand your situation and navigating through the bureaucratic court system so you don't have to.


One of the biggest dangers when getting a traffic ticket is the increase you get hit with on your insurance.  A traffic lawyer makes sure your ticket doesn't affect your insurance rates which will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Let’s Answer Some More Questions ...

What About Fighting My Traffic Ticket Myself?

Why do you want to fight a speeding ticket? For starters, if you just pay the ticket then you will get points and most likely an insurance increase. And your driving privilege may be suspended. You can fight it yourself in Court or you can hire a traffic lawyer who will fight it for you. That may mean a trial but it can also mean negotiations with the Prosecutor.

How Much Does It Cost?

Traffic lawyer fees vary from $100 to $300 for a speeding ticket. It depends on the work involved. My fee for a Kansas City Missouri regular speeding ticket is around $125. I also collect the fine amount upfront so generally between $350 and $500 for me to fight the ticket and keep it off your record.

How Long Does It Take?

This too also depends on the Court. Sometimes I can get the work done in two weeks. Sometimes it takes up to three months. The Missouri Highway Patrol tickets take the longest. If there is an accident involved, it will take some time. 

Do I Have to Go to Court?

In most instances, NO! For simple traffic tickets, the traffic lawyer will appear for you. When the charge is more complicated (Driving While Suspended, No Insurance) a court appearance is more likely. I will prep you for any court appearance do you don't have to be nervous or scared.

What Do I Do Next?

You contact me! Call me anytime. I can be reached by telephone or texting at


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A copy of the ticket is always helpful so feel free to text, email or upload on my secure site/form here.

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Aimee is the best

I'm 45 years old and this was, believe it or not, my first ever ticket, and it was a doozy. Aimee set me at ease and handled everything. I just had to adjust some scheduling, but it was very minor. She's very friendly, patient, explains well, and has a good sense of humor (I thought). It never seemed like I was just a number to her. We had in person conversations a couple of times, and every time she spoke TO me, not AT me. We parted ways with her jokingly saying "I hope we never have to speak again", but if I got another traffic ticket, I'd definitely give her a call.


Highly recommended! 

This was my first experience with a major traffic violation and I was skeptical at first, I had no idea what to expect from an attorney. Aimee took care of my case quickly & made the whole process a breeze. She was pleasant to work with, her fees were very reasonable and the outcome was exactly as she quoted me, the best case scenario for my situation. I am grateful I found her and highly recommend her services!