Testimonials – Experienced Attorney & Traffic Lawyer in Kansas City

Aimee Gromowsky is an experienced attorney having served as the Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for Jackson County along with years of private practice under her belt. If you need a traffic lawyer in Kansas City, she is ready to assist you from beginning to end. See what others have to say about Aimee!

Quick and Painless

A ticket is never fun, but Aimee made the process easy and hassle-free. I sincerely appreciate her timely assistance and professionalism with my case! -Jen

Quick and Easy

I had some legal troubles I needed help with. I live in Nevada and visited KC to see my family. Long story short, and a speeding ticket later, Aimee was my go to. Being in a different state can make things really difficult when trying to pick and hire an attorney. With Aimee, everything was quick and simple. -Laci


I have 105 mph and 115 mph tickets on my record from a previous lawyer who failed to take care of them when I was out of town. A few months ago I received 2 tickets of driving 60mph in a 45mph zone in 2 different cities near me in a matter of a week and don’t forget I have those 2 previous speeding tickets on my record. I browsed online and saw real good reviews for Aimee and gave her a call. Needless to say she assured me she can get them reduced to non moving violations and I had my doubts but hiring a lawyer is better than not having one at all. I was so relieved to hear that she managed to reduce both of them to non moving violations and avoid points to my license. Seriously she is a great lawyer and I will definitely hire her again if needed. Hopefully I won’t have to. -Sam

Speeding ticket handled

Speeding Ticket in Jackson County. Prompt response with every question. Was great to be able to communicate through email and never having to go to an office – even paying via credit card. I never had to step foot in a courtroom. I would recommend to anyone! -Anonymous

Quick and Easy to work with!

Aimee helped me recently with 2 different tickets in Platte City and Clay County. She was quick, diligent, and easy to work with. She responded to my initial request within minutes and then she handled it from there! She kept me updated on the progress but I didn’t have to do anything until she emailed me letting me know it was complete. Her fees are very reasonable and I was so impressed that I emailed her again immediately after I received another ticket. I would recommend Aimee to anybody, she is so helpful! Thank you Aimee! -Stephanie