How Much Does a Speeding Ticket Cost in Kansas City?

Kansas City Traffic Ticket Cost

What is the Cost of a Speeding Ticket in Kansas City?

If you have been stopped for speeding in Kansas City, you are probably concerned about how much the speeding ticket is going to cost you. The total costs of a speeding ticket can vary depending upon the speed at which you were traveling, your history of traffic offenses, and other factors. And costs of a speeding ticket are not simply financial ones. Certain speeding offenses can result in a criminal record, which can have consequences far beyond an initial monetary penalty. If you are facing a speeding ticket, it is important to do everything you can to get the charges dismissed. You should seek advice from an experienced Kansas City traffic ticket lawyer to learn more about your options. In the meantime, we want to provide you with more information about the costs of a speeding ticket in Kansas City.

Kansas City police officers are stepping up speed limit enforcement with more people speeding on the road during Covid-19.

Initial Fines for Minor Speeding Tickets

According to the City of Kansas City, Missouri, most minor traffic violations, including minor speeding tickets, will end up costing up to $225 total in financial fines and costs. Yet even more minor speeding infractions can result in points on your driver’s license and increased auto insurance costs — and that is just for a speeding violation that is not a misdemeanor criminal offense.

You should take even minor speeding tickets seriously since speed limits are being enforced in and around Kansas City. According to a recent report from KMBC News, the coronavirus pandemic has led to fewer cars being on the roads and less traffic in general, but more people are speeding. As such, Kansas City police officers are stepping up on speed limit enforcement. Many of the recent speeding tickets issued have been misdemeanor offenses for driving at speeds significantly in excess of the posted speed limit. For example, the Kansas City Police Department reported issuing a ticket for speeding at 133 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone, and multiple tickets for excessive speeds in 65 mile per hour zones on I-435, including a ticket for a motorist traveling at 123 miles per hour—almost double the posted speed limit.

Penalties for Excessive Speeds in Missouri

If you are caught driving at 20 miles per hour or more beyond the posted speed limit in Kansas City, Missouri, you will be facing a Class B misdemeanor charge, which can result in a financial penalty of up to $500 and up to six months in jail. Like we mentioned above, a misdemeanor conviction carries far more than an initial financial and jail-time penalty. You can also be limited in the types of jobs you are eligible to be hired for or the types of loans you are eligible to receive if you have a criminal record. If you are speeding and you are involved in an accident, you will face a Class A misdemeanor charge that comes with a fine of up to $1,000 and up to one year in jail. 

To be clear, traveling at any speed beyond 5 miles per hour over the speed limit is a moving violation that can result in points on your driver’s license and a financial penalty.

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