Are You Statistically Most Likely to Get a Traffic Ticket?

The best way to avoid getting a traffic ticket is to adhere to all posted speed limits and traffic laws. But we all know someone who speeds all the time and never seems to get caught, and we probably also know other people who cannot seem to help getting ticketed no matter what they do. While abiding by the law is the best thing you can do to minimize your risk of being pulled over, there are a number of factors that make you statistically more likely to get a ticket.

Your Car is a Factor

It is no secret that some cars catch the eye of police more than others—proportionately, red cars get more traffic tickets than any other car colors. However, some of the most commonly ticketed cars may surprise you, as they hardly seem flashy. compiled data on the most frequently pulled over cars. According to their study these are the top five cars most likely to be ticketed: 

  • Subaru WRX, 20% of drivers have received traffic violations 
  • Scion FR-S, 19% of drivers have received traffic violations 
  • Volkswagen GTI, 17% of drivers have received traffic violations 
  • Hyundai Genesis Coupe, 16% of drivers have received traffic violations
  •  Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, 15% of drivers have received traffic violations 

Of course, correlation does not infer causation. Many of these cars are popular with young, male drivers, who are statistically the most likely to be ticketed. However, it makes sense that after pulling certain models of car so frequently, police would get in the habit of looking out for them, which could result in more tickets.

Other Factors

According to a study by the Pioneer Press:

  • Drivers 16 to 25 years old received 33% of all tickets
  • 19-year-old male drivers are the most likely to receive a violation
  • Across all ages, men are 50% more likely than women to receive a violation
  • Drivers were more likely to receive violations during off-peak hours; the majority of tickets were issued 10:00-11:00 a.m. and 1:00-3:00 p.m. on weekdays. This is likely because it is harder to track people down during rush hour traffic, and there are fewer opportunities to speed. 

Have You Gotten a Traffic Ticket?

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Aimee Gromowsky

Aimee Gromowsky is formerly an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for Jackson County and currently a private practice lawyer. Ms. Gromowsky handles thousands of cases in Kansas City, Missouri area courts and was honored with a “Best in Bar” award in 2007 and 2008 from the Kansas City Business Journal. As a Kansas City traffic lawyer, Aimee is determined to represent you in your case by providing exceptional legal counsel and service.