What is a Moving Violation in Kansas City?

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What is Considered a Moving Violation in Kansas City

If you recently were issued a traffic ticket in Kansas City, you may be wondering about the consequences of the citation. You might have looked on the internet for information about traffic offenses in Kansas City, MO because you are wondering whether it makes sense to fight the ticket or to simply pay it in order to avoid additional consequences. In running searches on the internet, you may have come across the term “moving violation” and you might be wondering, “What is a moving violation?” “Is a moving violation the same thing as a speeding ticket, or is it something different?”

A moving violation is any traffic ticket that results from a violation of traffic laws while your car is in motion. 

For example: 

  • Tickets for Speeding
  • Improper Lane Changes
  • Distracted Driving
  • Failure to Obey a Stop Sign
  • Other Forms of Negligent Driving

What is a Moving Violation?

While each state has its own specific laws concerning moving violations, in general, a moving violation is any traffic ticket that results from a violation of traffic laws while your car is in motion. For example, tickets for speeding, improper lane changes, distracted driving, failure to obey a stop sign, or other forms of negligent driving are moving violations. On the other hand, a parking ticket, which you might get for remaining parked in a space beyond a two-hour limit or parking in a no-parking zone, is not a moving violation.

In Kansas City, the Missouri Department of Revenue provides information about the specific number of points you can end up getting on your license for each type of moving violation. For each moving violation, you will typically end up with anywhere from 3 to 12 points on your license. When you accumulate too many points on your license in a particular amount of time, you could end up with a driver’s license suspension. If you are able to do so, it is always a good idea to discuss fighting a ticket for a moving violation with a traffic defense lawyer in Kansas City.

What are My Options if I Cannot Beat a Moving Violation?

If you cannot beat the traffic ticket, it may be possible for your Kansas City traffic lawyer to seek a reduction in charges or a penalty reduction, depending upon the particular circumstances of your case. Whether you are in Missouri or Kansas, it may be possible for your lawyer to have your ticket reduced to a non-moving violation. However, it is important to have a lawyer assess your case and to discuss a strategy for moving forward with your defense.

If your court date is coming up quickly, it is important to seek advice as soon as possible. You should never wait until the last minute before contacting a traffic ticket lawyer about your case.

Contact an Experienced Traffic Defense Attorney in Kansas City

When you are facing a moving violation, it is essential that you take the offense seriously and that you seek out legal counsel from an experienced Kansas City traffic defense lawyer. Depending upon the offense, the court could suspend your driver’s license for a long period of time, and you could be facing additional consequences. It is always important to seek help from a defense lawyer who can help you to have the ticket dismissed or, if it is not possible to beat the ticket, to work with the prosecution to have the charges you are facing reduced. You should never underestimate the value of having an experienced traffic defense attorney on your side. Contact Aimee the Attorney today to find out more about fighting your moving violation in Kansas City.

Aimee Gromowsky

Aimee Gromowsky is formerly an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for Jackson County and currently a private practice lawyer. Ms. Gromowsky handles thousands of cases in Kansas City, Missouri area courts and was honored with a “Best in Bar” award in 2007 and 2008 from the Kansas City Business Journal. As a Kansas City traffic lawyer, Aimee is determined to represent you in your case by providing exceptional legal counsel and service.