How Much Will My Insurance Go Up After a Speeding Ticket?

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Auto Insurance Increase in Missouri After a Speeding Ticket

When you live or work in Kansas City, it is important to know that you could face significant auto insurance increases if you get a speeding ticket. This is true whether you live in Kansas City, MO or Kansas City, KS. For example, if you work in Kansas City, Missouri but live in the state of Kansas, or if you work in Kansas but live in Missouri, it does not matter whether you get a speeding ticket in Missouri or Kansas—you will still have points on your license if you do not fight the ticket. To be clear, it does not matter if you get a speeding ticket in the state where you live or the state where you work. Either way, you will still have points on your license, and you will still need to contend with a potential rise in your auto insurance rates.

How much will your auto insurance rates go up? It depends, and it is important to speak with a traffic defense attorney about your situation.

Traffic Ticket and Auto Insurance Increases in Missouri

Whether you live or work (or both) in Kansas City, Missouri, getting a speeding ticket will result in points on your driver’s license unless you are able to fight the ticket and win. How much will your auto insurance increase? It depends upon a number of factors, including the amount you were speeding or the points associated with any other traffic offense for which you were issued a citation, whether this is your first or a subsequent citation, and other factors that have to do with your own driving history.

According to an article in St. Louis Today, your traffic ticket will be “thrown into a complex formula with a lot of other factors” that include “age, gender, accident record, ZIP code, and type of vehicle, among other things.” In some situations, if it is your first traffic ticket and it is relatively minor, and you have had a safe driving history for a number of years with the same auto insurer, the increase in your rates may be negligible. However, if you are a younger driver, or if the traffic ticket is a subsequent or serious offense, you will likely see your rates go up for at least three years from the date the ticket is reported.

Traffic Tickets in Kansas and Your Auto Insurance Rates

Similar to traffic tickets in Kansas, if you are issued a ticket in Kansas, there are a variety of factors that will determine the increase in your auto insurance rates. Overall, according to an article in Nerd Wallet, the average motorist will end up paying an additional $375 in auto insurance costs after even a minor speeding ticket.

As such, you should fight the ticket with help from a lawyer. Your long-term auto insurance costs will likely be more than five times the actual cost of the ticket, that article underscores.

Contact a Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyer in Kansas City

If you were recently issued a traffic ticket and need help avoiding an auto insurance increase, you should work with a Kansas City traffic defense lawyer to fight the ticket. Even a single speeding ticket can lead to a substantial increase in your auto insurance rates depending upon the circumstances. While you might think it is quicker and easier to just pay the ticket instead of working with a lawyer to fight it, you should know that you could be facing significantly higher costs in the long run. Contact Aimee the Attorney for assistance.

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