Peculiar Missouri Municipal Court

Peculiar is not strange to speeders as they have several speed traps set on 71 Highway.

Peculiar Missouri Municipal Court

Court Information
220 N. Main Street
Peculiar MO 64078-9101
Peculiar Missouri Municipal Court Website


I can negotiate with the Prosecutor in Peculiar to have your ticket amended to a Defective Equipment.  A Defective Equipment will run the speeder $200 to $500.  My fee for Peculiar Missouri starts at $175 but depends on the charges.

High Speed Tickets In Peculiar

Have you been stopped in Peculiar for a high speed ticket (above 25 miles per hour over the speed limit)?  Truman Tickets can help.  We can work with you and the Prosecutor to try and avoid jail time, points on your license and expensive insurance increases.  Going to court without an attorney on a high speed ticket could lead to an unfavorable outcome.  Call Truman Tickets first and we can provide you with the possible scenarios that will do the least damage to your record, driving privilege and insurance.

General Information about Peculiar Missouri

Peculiar received its name in 1868 when the first postmaster, Edgar Thomson, had his first choice, Excelsior, rejected because it already existed in Atchison County, Missouri. Several other choices were also rejected. The story goes that the annoyed Thomson wrote to the Postmaster General himself to complain saying, among other things, “We don’t care what name you give us so long as it is sort of ‘peculiar’,” (with “peculiar” in quotation marks). Washington approved that name. The post office was established on June 22, 1868.

A historical plaque in the town is noteworthy. It reads: “In 1861-1864 while bloody battles raged throughout the southern states nothing happened here.”

The town motto is, appropriately enough, “Where the ‘odds’ are with you”.