Benton County Missouri

Speeding Ticket Information

Benton County Missouri is located in Warsaw Missouri.  If you get a Benton County Missouri speeding ticket, The Prosecutor will amend your ticket to a No Point Speed which will be reported to the Department of Revenue but with no points.  The fines vary between $170 and $270 with my fee of $175 for most speeding tickets.

Why Hire a Lawyer to help with a Benton County Missouri Speeding Ticket: There’s a lot of reasons – a big one is your insurance will go up. Click here is all the information you need to know.

General Information

Benton County was named for Missouri Senator Thomas Hart Betnon.   his great-nephew, also Thomas Hart Benton, was a 20th-century painter.  Uniquely, Benton has been the subject of biographical study by two men who later became presidents of the United States. In 1887, Theodore Roosevelt published a biography of Benton. Benton is also one of the 8 senators profiled in John F. Kennedy’s Profiles in Courage