Jackson County Circuit Court – Missouri Highway Patrol

Jackson County – this court is a nightmare without an attorney – hire me!

Map to Jackson County Circuit Court – Missouri Highway Patrol

Court Information
308 West Kansas
Independence, MO 64050

General Information:
This Jackson County court handles all tickets issued by the Missouri Highway Patrol in Jackson County. This is different than Jackson County Municipal Court which handles all Jackson County Sheriff tickets.
The Prosecutor in Jackson County will amend your ticket to a Defective Equipment. I charge a flat fee of $375.00 which includes both the fine I will pay on your behalf and my fee.
Court Schedule:
Court is on Tuesday and Thursday mornings in Jackson County.
General Jackson County Information:
Jackson County is named after our seventh President Andrew Jackson. Originally, the Jackson County government consisted of a legislative plane of three individuals popularly elected. Each one’s title was “County Judge” which is like a County Commissioner in other areas of the country. Of course, the most famous County Judge is Harry S. Truman, President of the United States from 1945-1953.
President Harry Truman left a decorating legacy behind that began in Kansas City. In fact, his design savvy helped make Kansas City become known as the nation’s top 10 city for art deco buildings. Truman traveled the country at his own expense to locate a design for the courthouse, which he found in Louisiana. The Jackson County Courthouse still stands tall and remains a well-known landmark in Kansas City.