Claycomo Speeding Ticket & Municipal Court Information

Small but effective at ticketing speeders.

Map to Claycomo Municipal Court

Court Information
115 E. 69 Hwy.
Claycomo MO 64119
(816) 969-1150
Claycomo Municipal Court Website


Claycomo Speeding Ticket? We Can Keep It Off Your Record.
Yes. Attorney Aimee Gromowsky will negotiate a deal with the Prosecutor to amend the ticket to a “Defective Equipment.” A Defective Equipment is a non-moving violation and will not appear on you record. Your insurance will not go up because of the ticket.

The fines for the Defective Equipment are between $199.00 and $299 depending on your speed. The Attorney Fee for Claycomo is $150.00. We accept checks, cash or credit cards.

Why Hire a Lawyer for Your Claycomo Speeding Ticket: There’s a lot of reasons – a big one is your insurance will go up. Click here is all the information you need to know.

Have You Paid a Claycomo Speeding Ticket and Now Want to Get It Off Your Record

You may be in a situation where your insurance rates have been raised or you are in danger of having your license suspended due to points. If you paid a ticket in Claycomo and need to get it off your record, Truman Tickets can help.

This process is called a “Set Aside” which means we are asking the Claycomo Judge to set aside your guilty plea (you pled guilty when you paid the ticket). I can then negotiate with the Prosecutor to amend the ticket to a Defective Equipment. The Court then sends the updated information to the Department of Revenue and they take the points off your record. I charge a flat fee of $600.00. This includes the fine and my fee.

General Claycomo Information:
Claycomo has a sweet spot for people of German ancestors as 22% of it’s population has Slavic roots. It is 2.5 square miles and has a population of 1267 people. Claycomo is also home to a Ford plant which manufactures the 150 series of trucks. The plant employs 6000 people. Talk about a town divided – 49% of Claycomo residents are registered Republicans and 49% are Democrats. In Claycomo, about 49% of adults are married. Claycomo is a place where you’ll find a lot of people living alone in their apartments or homes. It’s not a place just for families. Though it’s not a singles bar, single people will feel at home in the village; the village has more single adults than most places of its size.