What Cars Get Pulled Over the Most for Traffic Tickets?

If you feel your car is getting pulled over more often than others, you might be right. As it turns out, the cars that police stop for speeding are often the slowest, most un-sexy cars on the road.

Natasha Brown lays out a list of 20 cars no one thinks of as speedsters, including the Chevy Tahoe, the Ford Fusion, and the Toyota Prius. Why do police officers stop these ordinary cars? Brown suggests reasons for each car. She says this about the Volkswagen Jetta:

“Given that the Jetta has more of a reputation as a safe but fun vehicle than anything which is going to burn some serious rubber, this may seem at first to be a bit of a mystery.

Until you remember that the Jetta also has a reputation of being the kind of car that young women drive. Are cops pulling over Volkswagen Jettas because they subconsciously think that women are worse drivers than men?”


It may be hard to believe you could get a traffic ticket just because you drive a certain car – especially if it’s a sedate family car. A traffic attorney can help you decide how to deal with an unfair speeding ticket. Still, it pays to know what to expect when you’re driving in Kansas City traffic.

A traffic ticket lawyer can help you get fair treatment in traffic court, regardless of what car you drive. Talk to me whenever you get a speeding ticket, whether you were driving a hotrod or a boring family car!  I will help you identify the reason for the ticket and understand your options for dealing with it.

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