We Know We Deserve It When We Get a Speeding Ticket

busted for speeding

When We Get a Speeding Ticket, We Know We Deserve It

For most people, getting a speeding ticket isn’t much of a surprise. Although there are some exceptions, people usually know when they’re exceeding the speed limit.  

As a Justice Department survey revealed, nearly everyone who was told why they were stopped agreed that they deserved the ticket. Charles Keeshan and Susan Sarkauskas cite the following statistics:

“Among those told they were stopped for speeding, 91 percent agreed that, yup, they were speeding.”


The problem comes in when the officer gives you a traffic ticket without explaining why they stopped you. When that happens, it’s important to talk to a traffic lawyer to make sure you aren’t being unfairly charged.  

“If police gave the driver a reason for the traffic stop, 95 percent of them said the stops were legitimate. When police didn't give a reason, that dropped precipitously, to 37 percent.”

Always contact me if you have any doubts about why an officer stopped you. A traffic attorney can help you understand your options and stick with you until your traffic ticket is resolved.

Aimee Gromowsky

Aimee Gromowsky is formerly an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for Jackson County and currently a private practice lawyer. Ms. Gromowsky handles thousands of cases in Kansas City, Missouri area courts and was honored with a “Best in Bar” award in 2007 and 2008 from the Kansas City Business Journal. As a Kansas City traffic lawyer, Aimee is determined to represent you in your case by providing exceptional legal counsel and service.