Tick Tock Escape Game Kansas City Review

My two oldest kids and I visited the Tick Tock Escape Room in Overland Park this past weekend and managed to make it out in 1 hour and six minutes.

The Escape Room phenomena hit KC last year with at least a dozen popping up around the metro area. Even Obama got in on the action in December in Hawaii.

I initially booked the room with the idea of taking my husband and daughter Katy. But my husband learned of my plans and was not interested at all (he suffers from claustrophobia). The folks at Tick Tock very graciously agreed to cancel our room for the night and I was able to rebook with my daughter and son. We saw a crew coming out of the location as we were walking in and they wished us good luck.

It was just the three of us (I had expected other participants) but that worked out just fine. I can’t imagine more than six or seven people at a time trying to solve the puzzle. We were given verbal instructions with a quick tour of the room. Instructed to take good notes from the opening video, I was ready with pen in hand. They instruct you to tear apart the room which was right up our alley.

Don’t want to give away too much. You are allowed to ask for three clues without deducting that from your time – we utilized all three clues. In the first 20 minutes, I felt we had made great headway & we were going to take care of business in the hour with no problem. But I am sure that feeling was manufactured by design. We got hung up on some clues and we made a mistake by not going through EVERY book.

It was a great activity for us as my kids think differently than I do and that was needed at times. And the way I think was needed at times so we were all able to collectively participate and help. And I think I would attack it differently next time we get the chance.

Six thumbs up! 

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