Beat a Speeding Ticket? Might Be as Simple as “I’m Sorry.”

Avoid speeding ticket

In a 2011 Law and Human Behavior article, researchers stated that sometimes the simplest way out of a speeding ticket is to apologize to the officer once you are pulled over.

Martin Day and Michael Ross of the University of Waterloo in Ontario Canada suggest that federal statistics show that fifty-five percent of all traffic violations are for speeding.  They had 500 responses to their survey and tried to determine the cases in which people were actually given a ticket and when they were given a warning.  They broke down responses to police into these four responses:

  • ​Admitting it and saying “sorry, I shouldn’t have been speeding.”
  • ​Making an excuse (I have to pee)
  • ​Justifying it (other driver are idiots)
  • ​Flat out denial

Individuals who expressed remorse were may times able to avoid getting the ticket; rather just get a warning.

I have been in the moment of a speeding ticket.  My initial reaction is anger.  At myself, at the cop, at the moment.  Money flowing out of my pocket.  But if you are able to process that anger by the time the cop asks for license and registration, you may not have all the negatives associated with a speeding ticket.

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