Sugar Creek Municipal Court Amnesty

Beginning today (March 1, 2017), Sugar Creek Municipal Court is offering an opportunity to clear your warrants in Sugar Creek. Anyone with an active Sugar Creek warrant is eligible.

What You Need to Do:

  • ​Bring a picture I.D. to the Court Clerk, 1001 Heroes Way, Sugar Creek MO 64054
  • ​Court will ask for your current mailing address
  • ​Court will give you a court date in March or April for you to resolve the case

What if I have Other Warrants Not in Sugar Creek?

If you have warrants in other jurisdictions than Sugar Creek, you will not be arrested when you initially appear at Sugar Creek.  They have the right and will probably arrest you if you return for your Court date and still have outstanding warrants.  So once you clear the Sugar Creek warrant, you will want to clear the other warrants as well.

For more information about the Sugar Creek Amnesty, call the Court Clerk at 816-521-7923.

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