I Got a Speeding Ticket in Lee’s Summit, Missouri – What are My Options?

Lee's Summit Speeding Ticket

I'm sure the Lee's Summit police officer was smiling this big when he pulled you over.

What You can Do About a Speeding Ticket in Summit, Missouri

So you got pulled over and got the dreaded speeding ticket in Lee’s Summit. What are your options?

1. You can pay the speeding ticket. There are several ways to accomplish this. You can pay in person at Court. You can do this before your court date if you want to avoid court. There is also a pay online option: Click here for payment online

Now if you pay this online or in person, you will be assessed two points on your record (standard for most speeding tickets although stop light/stop sign/failure to signal are only one point). Points on your driving record can not only affect your privilege to drive but also your insurance rates for up to three years after the ticket. Many times, I tell my clients to call their insurance agent to find out the affect of a two point ticket on their insurance. It’s not surprising to me that many of these folks call back to hire me after they speak to their insurance agent.

2. Hire a Lawyer (Like me!)
. For most speeding tickets in Lee’s Summit, a lawyer can negotiate with the Prosecutor to have the ticket amended to a non-moving violation. A non-moving violation means it won’t appear on your driving record and you will avoid points and insurance increases. In most cases, you won’t have to visit the lawyer’s office or go to Court.

3. Fight It! If you think you didn’t do it, you can ask the Judge for a trial. This is usually accomplished in two trips to the Courthouse – your initial appearance and a trial date. When they set the trial date, you will appear with whatever evidence you can. The trial will go like this. The Judge will swear in all witnesses (usually you and the cop). The Prosecutor then questions the cop where they get all the facts and jurisdiction (took place in Lee’s Summit, Jackson County Missouri). Then you get a chance to question the cop. Think about this before the trial. Then you get a chance to tell your side of the story. After, the Prosecutor can then question you (although many times they don’t). Remember don’t say I wasn’t going that fast – because then you are admitting to speeding. Then the Judge renders a verdict of guilty or not guilty.

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