Riding a Bird in Downtown Kansas city

The Bird Ride arrives in KC

The Bird Ride arrives in KC

Kansas City Twitter was ablaze this morning with news that the Birds have arrived. Not the scary kind – the fun electric scooter kind. I knew I had to get on one during lunch. Downloaded the app and entered my payment information. My first attempt failed because I had failed to bring my drivers license and helmet. I hustled back to the office and retrieved both.

The instructions are clear in the app. Pump it three times with your leg; gas/power is on the right; brake is on the left. I walked it across the street so I could start with traffic rather than against it. And one . . . two. . . three –  off down Main Street. My first worry was that I would fall into the streetcar tracks. But no problem there. Then up 10th to Barney Allis to see the anti-Pence protest which was in full swing. I gave a thumbs up and nearly fell off the scooter!! Met another “Birder” and we chatted briefly about the novelty that made it’s way to KC. Rode around a bit more and then parked right where I found it – in front of locally owned Kaldi’s Coffee.


  • ​An easy way to get to Kansas City Municipal Court (which has about half of my business).
  • ​Lunch variation – my office has been in City Center Square for sixteen years and this expands the lunch radius with easy access.
  • ​My ride got me 400 steps on my fitibit! 


  • ​It needs a basket. I wear a backpack as a purse so less of a problem but how are women going to ride this with a purse? Or get lunch and bring it back?
  • ​Pretty slow up hill. I rode to 9th by the library and turned right towards Grand. Pretty much pumped the scooter up most of the hill.
  • ​Terms & Conditions are ridiculously long and won’t get read.
  • ​My main mode of transportation while downtown are my legs and this would replace that valuable part of my exercise routine.

I will update this when I use it for Kansas City Municipal Court tomorrow!

Welcome to Kansas City Bird!

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