Missouri Highway Patrol Ticket – Their Dirty Little Secret, Part One

Learn the Secret of a Missouri Highway Patrol Ticket

Okay. You got pulled over by Missouri Highway Patrol. Many times it is in a part of the state where you are not familiar. Let’s look at the top of the ticket.
The ticket clearly states the ticket is due in 30 days. So if you rec’d this ticket today (September 6, 2016), you would have 30 days to either plead guilty (pay it); plead not guilty or hire an attorney (ME please) to help you keep the ticket off your record.

What it doesn’t tell you on the ticket is that they do give you some lee-way with the ticket. If you haven’t taken any action on the ticket after 30 days, the Fine Collection Center will send you a letter stating they will revoke your license if no action is taken in an additional 15 days. This is good for people who forget about their ticket or just need a little more time to decide what they are going to do about the ticket.

If you don’t want to bother with the hassle of a Missouri Highway Patrol ticket, call (816-471-1114) or email ([email protected]) for a quote on how I can keep the ticket off your record.


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