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Newton County – they will amend your ticket but no cookies for you!

Court Information
101 S. Wood
Neosho, MO 64850
(417) 451-8210
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Newton County has some of the finest and fairest Prosecutors in the City. They will generally amend a ticket to a defective equipment. A defective equipment is a non-moving violation that will not appear on your driving record and will result in no points on your record.

Most speeding tickets do not require a court appearance unless you were caught going over twenty-five miles over the speed limit.

The Missouri Highway Patrol hands out all Newton County Missouri tickets.


Newton County Missouri will amend most speeding tickets to a Defective Equipment.   The cost is between $180 and $400 depending on your speed.  My fee is usually $140.   We accept checks, cash and credit cards. Please fill out our Estimate Form request so we can give you an exact quote on helping you with your Newton County ticket.

General Newton County Missouri Information

The county was organized in 1838 and named for John Newton, a soldier in the Revolutionary War.