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Estate Planning Pricing Options

Tier 1

Guided DIY Estate Planning with Consultation


per person

Perfect for those who want a hands-on approach with professional guidance.

- Access to a comprehensive DIY estate planning kit, including templates for wills, powers of attorney, and healthcare directives. I make this very easy. I know the questions to ask & guide you the whole time.

Half-hour one-on-one consultation with Aimee, the Attorney, to review and answer questions about the completed documents.

Guidance on asset organization and beneficiary designation.

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Tier 2

Comprehensive Legacy Plan


per person

It is designed for those looking for a personalized and thorough approach.

- All features of Tier 1, plus:

Creation and review of the Last Will and Testament.

Establishment and funding guidance for a Revocable Living Trust.

Customized estate plan addressing specific family dynamics and asset distribution preferences.

In-depth strategies for minimizing estate taxes and maximizing wealth transfer to beneficiaries.

In-person or virtual consultation with Aimee, the Attorney, for comprehensive planning.

Tier 3: 

Generational Wealth Strategy


per person

For individuals committed to preserving and passing on significant wealth.

All features of Tier 2, plus:

Advanced strategies for complex asset protection and multi-generational wealth transfer.

Charitable giving and philanthropic planning integration.

Ongoing reviews and updates to accommodate changing life circumstances and legal requirements.